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Shipping Info

We will search for the best and most economical method to ship you your training tools ...

We are working on a range of shipping options and methods to meet the needs of our customers.  Our initial approach is offer two delivery modes through FedEx -- Ground and Home Delivery.  FedEx Ground will deliver to business addresses; FedEx Home Delivery will deliver to residential addresses for a small ($3) premium.  You will be prompted at checkout to select one or the other based on the shipping address you have selected.

At present we cannot tailor shipping charges by region; thus, now is the time to get your deliveries to the Western US!  We have estimated approximate charges by weight assuming all deliveries in the eastern regions of the US.  When we are able to offer real-time calculation of shipping costs, you will be able to dial in time to receipt and other parameters.  For now, we hope the simplicity of one-size-fits-all delivery will work for you!

Canadian Customers:  We are growing familiar with the ship to the boarder practice that allows customers to avoid duty and delays often associated with cross-boarder shopping.  We are happy to ship to a near-boarder US locations (e.g. Rydens Boarder Store, Ship Happens ...).  Just specify the location closest to you are call to discuss.  Cheers.