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Our Friends

We are proud to list the growing group of companies and organizations that have helped ReUstix bring our products to you.  Below are links to our favorite suppliers, customers, advisors, and inspiratons; check them out for yourself!

Total Hockey's HockeyGreen initiative was the original inspiration behind ReUstix. These guys are playing a strong leadership role in improving the sustainability of hockey through diversion of composite sticks from landfills while searching for large-scale alternatives to disposal.  HockeyGreen has graciously agreed to supply us with many of the sticks we use in our products.  And the charges they collect from us are donated to Grow the Game and other worthy initiatives.  Click here or on their logo for more information about HockeyGreen initiatives and opportunities.


Obviously we use a lot of pucks.  And a lot of hockey tape.  We have relied on Howies Hockey Tape from the beginning for all of our tape and pucks.  Howies is a great small business with a commitment to quality and service that can't be beat.  The have a wide range of tape colors and quality Lindsay pucks made in Canada at great prices.  And other cool schwag, too!  Click here or on their logo to check them out for yourself!


ToughIt Training is dedicated to helping athletes build the best fitness possible for their sport.  Specializing in conditioning for hockey players, ToughIt was one of the early adopters of ReUstix tools for both on-ice and off-ice training, and has been an insightful source of feedback for product development.  Click here or on their logo for great training ideas, opportunities, and cool schwag!


We are very proud to name ForSportsMaryland as the first pro shops to carry ReUstix on their shelves.  ForSports owner Mike Hendrix operates two premier shops, at Laurel Ice Gardens and the Rockville Ice Arena, that supply beginner to elite-level players from all over the mid-Atlantic region with everything they need to play their best hockey.  Click here or on their logo to find out more about these great shops.


Saint Johns College High School has committed to growing and strengthening their hockey program in a big way.  And they have included ReUstix training tools for their on-ice and off-ice programs.  Inspired thinking, no?  (Okay, one of our kids plays there, too ...) Click here or on their logo to follow the progress and success of SJCHS hockey, to get cool training ideas, or even to learn about joining the school and the team yourself!



Imagine our excitement when former NHLer Craig Laughlin called to say ReUstix were exactly the training tools he needed for his elite level hockey training academy!  Now, all their students, from aspiring bantams through D-1 bound stars and beyond are honing their skills with the full range of ReUstix tools, on-ice and off-ice!  Click here or on their logo to see the great players and programs that Network offers, and check back for pics and stories of this great program over time!

We love the Green Biscuit for stick-handling, and their new Snipe for shooting practice.  So we were thrilled when we reached out to their founder, former NHLer Tom Pederson, and he liked our stuff so much he agreed to let us offer you these great pucks at the lowest possible price.  Click here or on their logo to see great product reviews, pick up training tips, and get cool products!


Where would you go for a thousand bolts, three thousand washers, a few hundred lag screws, and a wide range of specialized spacers, tools, hardware and other supplies?  We have partnered with Fastenal to supply us with all of our hardware and components.  They have a great model for helping manage inventory and materials supplies that makes running our business, and yours, easy, efficient, and cost-effective.  Click here or on their logo to check them out for yourself!

A range of right-minded organizations and schools have also picked up on the value of our training tools.  Click on the logos below to find great opportunities for you or your player to continue to grow as players!